The “hidden power” of Meme Marketing – Why Memes?!

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I am a memer. I will reply with, “Ah sh*t, here we go again.” if you ask me “why?” in the comments.

There are two constants in my day to day life:

  1. Writing content for clients
  2. Looking at memes

I literally scroll through hundreds of memes daily; Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter– platform doesn’t matter!

Meme Marketing is the best- Cover

As a digital marketing enthusiast, I follow brands that invest in memes. From Netflixes to the Durexes of the world, I love brands being a part of meme culture. I, for a reason, believe that meme marketing is the most underrated marketing in today’s digital scenario. Read on to know why.

Why Meme Marketing?

The reason why memes are underrated in the context of marketing is that only a few brands are leveraging the opportunity. If yours is amongst the few, keep on; If not, read ahead to know the “Whys” of Meme Marketing.

1. Memes attach with the most powerful emotion:

“Happiness” is the strongest emotion, according to me. We all chase it. “The pursuit of happiness” is the most real & the most common element among everyone.

[The movie is awesomely inspiring. Please watch if you haven’t.]

“A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audiences in a relevant way.”

Memes attach with that emotion. Memes make people smile, laugh, and sometimes even ROFL. Now, if a brand connects its message with a bit of creativity, chances are they will hit the right emotion.

Netflix meme example

E.g., Netflix sharing such memes makes us nostalgic and pulls us to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and guess where the series is streaming?!

2. “Meme” is a culture:

The definition says it all. A meme is an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.

When the largest YouTuber, Pewdiepie, talks memes in almost all his videos; When the most famous entrepreneur, Elon Musk, shares and promotes memes throughout his feed; When the John Wick, Keanu, is himself a meme, one thing is sure: MEME CULTURE IS REAL!

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention”

– Seth Godin

Millions of Gen Zs and millennials share and consume memes every day. That’s where their attention is. It’s a culture for them. So, why not invest where their focus is?! Say after me: “Attention brings ROI…Attention brings ROI!…”

Garyvee meme

Still not convinced? Well, the most famous digital marketer, Garyvee, promotes it as well.

3. People share them:

Don’t close this article. Go to Instagram or Facebook, look at your last few chats(group) or feed, there will be one thing common: Memes!

People love sharing memes.

Memes are funny, trendy, sharable, easy to scan, to the point — in short, a perfect dose of a quick laugh. Therefore, people share them, and hence, memes get more reach than any other type of content. Reach converts to leads, and leads to customers.

Final Words:

Without stretching the wrap-up, here’s why you should invest in memes for marketing:

Memes are

  • Trendy
  • Likable
  • Funny
  • Sharable
  • Emotional
  • Scannable
  • Understandable
  • and often real-time

…pieces of content that grab attention in a jiffy and delivers the message in seconds. Plus, it can be a part of your rule of seven strategy.

If you are a part of meme culture and believe that investing in Meme Marketing can bring positive ROI, comment below with your favorite meme.

I will be sharing the “How” to leverage memes for marketing very soon on this blog. Make sure to subscribe and not miss out. Until then, Goodbye!

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