How to retain the client every single time?

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I’ve been a freelance content writer for nearly four years now. One thing I’ve realized over time is retaining clients has been a relatively easy task for me than finding new ones.

For some, it can be the exact opposite. They can find clients but can’t stick with them. And this blog post is for those.

In this article, I will share some not-so-secret yet super-effective tips to retain clients every single time. So, if you are finding it hard to retain a client or are new to the client business, or even customer business, you might want to read this particular piece.

Here’s how you retain your client:

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Retaining client fundamentally is about putting your client first. Follow the below steps to create and maintain an excellent client retention rate.

1. Hone your craft!

This is where most lose. Most relatively new people/businesses overpromise without a reality check on their craft & expertise. They pitch their idea like they are going to deliver a diamond, and the results are mostly coal.

Overpromising & not having the expertise to deliver on that is why most client relationships fail. Honing the craft is essential; only then will you be able to promise the big game and deliver on it.

In short, if you hit the client’s expectation mark, the chances of them texting back are high. And to make that happen, hone your craft!

2. Have your USP.

One of the things that help in both landing a new client and retaining them is your USP.

Having a USP, or Unique Selling Point, is why someone will hire you and call you back when your services are needed.

E.g., storytelling, writing SEO-optimized content, value for money, digital marketing experience, etc. are some positives of hiring me. These are my USPs, and as a freelance writer, I sell myself based on all of them.

Similarly, you have your USPs as well. Find them, and market yourself by keeping those at the center. This way, you will find work you are interested in and have the expertise and craft to ensure the client returns.

3. Keep your client’s objective in mind.

Just today, I wrote an article for a client. The client wanted me to write a Digital marketing niche article(see, an advantage of USP) for his Digital Agency’s blog. As I do always, I started with the why: Why does the client want to publish this particular article on his blog?

This way, I ended up understanding the client’s objective and delivered. And obviously, the client appreciated it.

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Similarly, you should do the same. In whichever business you are, understand the client’s requirements and clients’ “Why” to deliver as the client wants.

4. Overdeliver.

If it’s a new client, always overdeliver. This new client of mine asked me to write a 600-word blog post, but as all the elements didn’t correctly fit in that boundary, I sent him 750+ words of the same with top-notch quality.

This is how you build a strong client relation base. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time, but for the client, it’s 10% extra. And, that’s something all humans like- The EXTRA!

Overdeliver; not overpromise, is the quickest tactic to build a long-term relationship.

5. Follow up.

Following up to ask for new projects, how your previous work performed, or just asking “how everything’s been?” keeps the bond tight.

Follow up is one of the crucial tactics used in sales and customer service.

It is a good value-adding/asking gesture that helps in retaining clients. Personally, I’ve got a couple of projects just because I texted a “Hi” to some old-time clients and told them about my full-time freelance writing career.

You can read more about “Follow up” here.

6. Keep in touch.

“Follow up” is a professional tactic; Keeping in touch works on a personal level.

Congratulating the client for their success, texting “??” on their WhatsApp status, commenting on their Facebook posts, solving their queries in social media communities, etc. like things that friends do with/for each other is what “Keep in touch” is for me.

Always keep in touch, and you will be the first to come to their mind when they need services similar to the ones you provide. A kind-of rule of seven for client retention.

Final Words:

Client retention is the most crucial element to win in the client business. When you think about client retention, rather than the first payment, you’re in a spot of providing value. Client retention mindset leads to positive testimonials, brand value, and obviously a good client relationship.

Practice the above-mentioned tips truly, and you’ll succeed —not always, but most of the time.

If you have any additional thoughts that you think belong in this mini-guide to client retention, please let me know in the comments below. Until then, Goodbye!

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