Everything You Need To Know About Real-Time Marketing [in 2021]

It’s 10th April today, and I’ve just seen perhaps the most viral ad in 2021’s Indian market – the CRED ad ft. Rahul Dravid. Not gonna lie – I saw it multiple times. Even more than that, I saw many new-age startups and social media-active brands bank on CRED’s virality. That banking on momentary virality … Read more

The Rule of Seven in Marketing: What, Why, and How?

The one thing that undoubtedly works in increasing brand awareness, no matter the marketing channel — LinkedIn, Twitter, referrals, or any other content marketing channel — is The Rule Of Seven. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post on “Why Email Marketing?” wherein, for the first time, I mentioned “The rule of seven.” Since that blog … Read more

9 mind-changing reasons to “Why Email Marketing?”

I’ve never come across a more direct digital marketing channel than emails. Of course, there’s Whatsapp marketing, Messenger Marketing, and all that, but emails have a special place as a marketing channel. There are reasons to implement email marketing even in 2021. And that’s what this post is all about. Why Email Marketing? 1. There’s … Read more