9 mind-changing reasons to “Why Email Marketing?”

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I’ve never come across a more direct digital marketing channel than emails. Of course, there’s Whatsapp marketing, Messenger Marketing, and all that, but emails have a special place as a marketing channel. There are reasons to implement email marketing even in 2021. And that’s what this post is all about.

Why Email Marketing?

1. There’s more space for content.

Email Example

One of the reasons why email is a fantastic marketing channel is because it’s boundless.

You can write a one-word reply, and you can also write a thousand-word story in an email. You can put one link in the whole of a thousand words, or you can place three links and four images in just 300 words mail.

All in all, though there is a boundary on embedding video content, most of the email clients today provide an almost unlimited space to share your message effectively. All you need to make sure is that your email reaches the inbox and not the spam folder.

This limitless element of email gives an edge because:

  • Messages(Whatsapp or Messengers) are expected to be short, or else no one will read them.
  • Ads can mostly contain one link.
  • If there’s an option to attach multiple links, the reach will cost more.

Long story short, build an email list and get started with the marketing.

2. They are your people.

The emails you have are already based on the demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavior of your prospects. You might have collected emails through web seminars, or workshops, or newsletters, or from a hundred other places, but at the end of the day, they are your people. They are the ones interested in your offerings.

E.g., The email screenshot I have attached above(point 1) is for a blogger or content writer, and I am both. Therefore, I am a prospect for Jon. He collected my email(from a popup on the SmartBlogger site) in that context only.

3. Emails can be used on other channels.

Facebook Ads Manager - Email Insertion

The people whose emails you’ve collected are your ultimate prospects. You can target them on different platforms and build your brand “omnichannely” with “The Rule of Seven.” This way, you get an excellent ROI.

E.g., The above screenshot is of Facebook Ads Manager, wherein you can enter your email database and target only those people. The same goes for Google ads as well.

4. You can get personal.

When you have a database of email addresses, you can send a personalized message to each and every one.

For e.g., John Doe is a potential client, and you know he’s a fan of Ronaldo (maybe because he tweets a lot about him). Using that information, you can send him a personalized email with something like “If Ronaldo was a marketer, he’d have checked XYZ tool”. This way you catch the other person’s interest, and hopefully, make a sale.

Don’t be a creep, though. Hire a good copywriter if you can’t write effectively.

5. You can push offers and make sales.

This is the best use of an email database. Every email marketer collects them for this!

Promotional email example

You can share promotional offers on emails exclusively and can turn your subscribers into paying users/clients.

E.g., I used to use the Grammarly free version before I got this email. After this offer mail, I switched to premium. Likewise, you can also convert emails into leads, and leads into customers. I will share a How-to guide on all of it soon. Subscribe to get notified on that.

6. Email Marketing is relatively cheap.

Initially, you might need to put in some bucks to collect emails– which you were going to do either way for something like ads or SEO. But after that, email marketing is inexpensive. You can share your messages for pennies and convert them into big bucks.

7. They build credibility.

Regular emails from your brand build credibility among your prospects. The rule of seven applies here as well.

People buy or do business with the people they know, like, or trust. Email can ‘chip in’ in all three factors.

E.g., I regularly get emails from Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger. His emails mostly have actionable tips for writers. This way, he built his credibility of himself as an expert writer. Now, when Jon emails me about his new Copywriting course, chances are I will buy that course.

That’s the power of credibility!

8. Emails are professional.

Emails have a pattern– a template. This makes it look more professional. A well-written, professional email has a far better impact than some random LinkedIn spam.

If you are in the client/service business, email is the way to go.

9. You control it!

This is my favorite part of email marketing.

You invest $$$$ in SEO, and suddenly Google changes its algorithm (like it did recently), and BOOM, all your ranking pages are to be found nowhere. Similarly, you invested $$$$$ in Facebook ads and got all those page likes, and Facebook changed its algorithm, and BOOM, your post reaches only a thousand people on a 100,000+ likes page.

This never happens with email. You control your list! No one can steal that from you(Yes, they can, but you know what I mean).

Not that SEO or Facebook ads are bad, but emails are safe assets.

Final Words:

Email marketing might not seem a good option in 2021, but it is. If your email copies are fantastic, you can directly penetrate the market and grab your clients’/customers’ attention. The above reasons are my views on “Why Email Marketing?”

I am not an expert email marketer, but my steps are towards it, and the above reasons seem to be the motivation behind me entering the email game.

What are your thoughts on email marketing?

Let me know in the comments below. Will be coming up with “How email marketing?” soon. Make sure to subscribe to get that article directly in your newsletter. Until then, Goodbye!

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