Top 10 Marketing Minds on Twitter (I follow)

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So, yesterday, I wrote a how-to article for those looking to grow their Twitter followers organically. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

In that article, I mentioned Wendy’s marketing team for their brilliant effort on Twitter to increase its customer base.

Taking inspiration from them, today I thought, why not list out Digital Marketers whom one can follow and learn some Marketing.

Top Digital Marketers to follow on Twitter- Cover

Marketing is an integral part of any business, and it works only if done correctly. To execute your digital marketing flawlessly, learning is crucial. And who better to learn from than the biggest, the greatest, and proven Digital Marketers?!

Here are ten such Marketers(in no particular order) you should follow on Twitter:

Remember, I am just listing Digital Marketers(Persons) and Not profiles(like social media examiner). All of the listed are fantastic digital marketers but most of them just share(or rather spam) quality content(mostly written by them) and not use Twitter in a way one should.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk:

Gary Vaynerchuk - Twitter

No list of mine, related to Marketing or Branding, goes without the mention of @garyvee.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Marketing genius. He is the CEO of Vaynermedia– an 800+ people digital agency which serves to Fortune 500 companies for the betterment of their social media game. Additionally, He’s a New York Times bestselling author and an early investor in some of the major social media.

With more than 1.9 million followers, Garyvee is the go-to guy to learn branding, marketing, and get a bit pumped up about things.

2. Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is a master of SEO and Online Marketing. He’s the head behind some fantastic marketing tools & services such as Crazyegg, Kissmetrics, and HelloBar. His Latest project, a free SEO tool- UberSuggest, is on its way to disrupt the SEO landscape.

In short, if you are looking to learn SEO or Digital Marketing in general, Neil is a man to follow.

3. Ann Handley:

Ann Handley serves as the Head of content at MarketingProfs, a marketing education & training company. She is also a New York Times bestselling author. Her book Everybody Writes has been a fantastic resource for me to shine my content writing services.

Her expertise in content marketing makes her one of my favorite digital marketers to follow on Twitter.

4. Rand Fishkin:

Rand Fishkin - Twitter

Rand Fishkin, better known as the guy from Moz, is the founder of SEO SAAS, Moz. After leaving Moz, his new venture, SparkToro, also deals in the marketing landscape.

Being in the SEO & marketing industry for so long & being one of the brains behind an inarguably excellent SEO tool proves his knowledge in the field.

He shares most of his findings & non-finding in the, as he says, “Marketing, tech, & startups” space on Twitter. Therefore, yet another must follow from my side.

5. Jeff Bullas:

Jeff Bullas - Twitter

Jeff Bullas, known for his blog, is a social media marketing blogger & a digital strategist. He has been considered as a top influencer and top CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) several times by the likes of Forbes & New York Times.

Though his Twitter feed is more on Spammy side, he is definitely a guy to follow to study from quality resources.

6. Jay Baer:

Jay Baer - Twitter

Jay is one of the top marketing keynote speakers. He is the founder of digital marketing consultancy, Convince & Convert. I’ve been a fan of his work for a couple of years now. His unique take on marketing & customers has made him who he is today.

On Twitter, he shares several insightful Marketing sources & visuals. Thus, he is one of the experts to follow on Twitter.

7. Mark Schaefer:

Mark is an acclaimed keynote speaker in the Marketing space. I haven’t studied his work much, but from what I’ve seen, Mark is an amazingly insightful guy with huge successes in his Digital Consultancy & Strategy business.

To have an insightful look at modern marketing techniques, Mark Schaefer is another expert to follow on Twitter.

8. Larry Kim:

Larry Kim - Twitter

Larry Kim is a renown internet marketer. He’s the CEO of MobileMonkey, a messenger Marketing Platform, and the founder of Wordstream(which was acquired for $150 million by Gannett). He is surely a- as his twitter bio says- “Unicorn in Marketing”.

Larry shares some interesting takes & tactics on PPC and social media marketing on his Twitter, and if you want to learn something like that from a Marketing Unicorn, he is, without a doubt, worth following.

9. Joe Pullizi:

Joe Pulizzi - Twitter

Joe Pullizi is another content marketer I adore. He is the founder of CMI(Content Marketing Institute). His book Content Inc. is one of the most recommended books to learn Content Marketing.

Therefore, if you are looking to learn Content Marketing, Joe is definitely worth a follow on Twitter.

If you don’t want to learn, Why don’t you contact me?

10. Lee Odden:


Lee Odden is the CEO of ‘Top Rank Marketing’, a B2B content & influencer marketing agency. Being in the SEO and PR business for years has made him a look-up-to guy in the Digital marketing arena.

His Twitter account revolves around the B2B landscape of Marketing. If you are into B2B, Lee is a must follow on Twitter.

Honorable Mentions:

The above list is of the people I like in the Marketing game & are active on Twitter. This list is merely a line in the sand, and not on the rock. You can surely have your own list– In fact, please let me know your favorite “Tweeters” in the comments below.

Now, before wrapping up this top-10 list of Marketing Influencers on Twitter, here are some honorable mentions:

Wrap up:

Digital marketing is a learnable thing, and following the above-listed experts, gurus, and whatnots of Digital Marketing will definitely help.

To wrap up this list of super-successful, always-insightful, and Market-leading Digital Marketers on Twitter, Here’s one quote :

Marketing takes a day to to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master.

– Philip Kotler

Everyone in the above list has mastered the art in one way or another. Let me know your favorite marketer in the comments below. We will chat there. Until then, Goodbye.

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