Quora Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate guide to increase brand value.

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Quora Marketing is essential because brand-value is.

As a matter of fact, brand value is more important than anything in running any business, especially when starting out. Because if there’s no brand value, there is no business.

Ann Handley, famously known for her works at MarketingProfs and her book, Everybody Writes, puts it the best.

Brand is the image people have of your company or product. It’s who people think you are. Or quoting Ze Frank, it’s the ’emotional aftertaste’ that comes after an experience (even a second-hand one) with a product, service or company.

Ann Handley

And to have a brand value of any sort, one needs to present his, her, or company’s experience, expertise, or knowledge in the field. Trust is built on these three factors, directly or indirectly.

To build that trust/brand value, Quora is one of the best platforms out there.

I believe most of you know what Quora is and how it operates, but for the remaining some, here’s a brief introduction.

What is Quora?

Quora is a Q&A platform founded by the then-CTO of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo. With over 300 million users, Quora is a free website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions.

So, Who uses Quora?

Well, anyone seeking knowledge, or looking to help others and show their skills use Quora. And, the latter part is where all the brand value is — the helping others one, the knowledge distributing one.

The Person who gives value first has the leverage.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Now that you know whys, whats, and whos of Quora, let’s start the part you are here for. The “Quora Marketing Strategy” part.

How to use Quora for Marketing?

Now, before I tell you here’s what you should do, let me tell you why I am the person you should be listening from.

I started using Quora back in 2017, a month after I published my first article on this blog. Sadly, the article is no more, but my Quora profile is.

Since then, I have written 150+ answers on Quora and garnered over 180k+ views. Now, those aren’t some staggering figures, especially for Quora, but just so you knew- my writing-frequency in 2018 was less than one-tenth of what I had in 2017.

So, that’s about it. Let’s get back to the Quora Marketing Strategies you’ve been waiting for.

1. Find your community.

Following the niche you and your readers/customers are interested in is the first step you should take. When you signup on Quora, it will ask you to select some topics. Select the ones in which you can provide value & be a part of the community.

Quora communioty -Knows About

E.g., When I first Signed up on Quora, the primary reason was to promote this blog. Therefore, my topics of interest were like “social media marketing”, “Facebook Marketing”, “Advertising”, etc.

Moreover, as you begin writing in those “Topics of interest”, Quora will start to show a section on your Quora profile which indicates your expertise on those particular topics. Look at the above screenshot for example.

Go in with a clear goal: Providing value by writing for the community. Or else, you will be reading stories of Himalayan mountain ranges instead of promoting your Web Development expertise.

2. Create a 24-carat profile.

Your profile is going to tell your readers about you. Here’s an example:

Neil Patel - Quora Profile

Neil Patel, one of my favorite Digital Marketers, certainly knows what will make his answers look more credible. Because when someone reads your answer, there’s a high chance of them opening your profile if they don’t know you.

Neil’s profile shows his expertise and accomplishments and also has a link for those who want to know more about him. That’s a brand-hook right there!

Additionally, his headline is going to give him an upper hand in convincing the reader that he’s the person they want to read from. And, that’s our next startegy for using Quora as a marketing tool.

3. Leverage “Edit Credentials”.

Quora credentials change: Quora Marketing

This is something most of us, including me, forget. Editing Credentials according to Question shows your authority in that subject.

As you can see in above screenshot: The words written after my name are my credentials, and those can be different for every question. All you have to do is click the “three dots” and “Edit Credentials”.

Here, the question is about a blog which needs to be answered by someone who understands the ROI of bots. Who better than a marketer to answer that?! Therefore, my credentials include both “Blogger” and “Digital Marketer”. This creates an image in the reader’s subconscious that the one writing the answer knows things about the answer he’s giving.

You can check the answer to the question here.

Talking about answering the question, here’s the next & the most important Quora Marketing tip.

4. Answer ’em all.

Answering is the only thing that can bring any value i.e. increase brand awareness. Because if you won’t write any answers, who’s gonna read and what?!

Therefore, start answering as frequently as you can. Answer in a way that the readers would want to know who you are & what you do.

There are two ways to do so:

a. Create Context:

Deeper context means deeper meaning. And, if you are some how able to link that to your site/business, chances are readers will come looking for you.

For e.g., If, for the question “Is bot traffic good for my blog?”, I am able to create a deep context like, in the answer, I start with: “Bot traffic is what I was fascinated by during my early days of blogging because who doesn’t want more traffic, right?! So, I tried it, not once, but twice. The best thing that came out of it was this CASE STUDY”.

Now, link your “case study” there which will have more internal links leading to what you are trying to achieve.

That’s how they start recognizing your brand. Just on the base of context.

b. Create content:

Content is still the king. In fact, more so than ever.

There’s a few things you need to remember while answering on quora.

  • Storytell, if your audience is more likely to interact through stories.
  • Add appropriate images. Quora pushes answers with pictures over the opposite. It also works as clickbait.
  • Answer first to get more upvotes. *Comment below if you would like to read a separate article on gaining more upvotes.*
  • Quality > Quantity
    • Don’t write for the sake of writing it. If the answer is of top-notch quality, chances are it might end up on the Quora digest, or top of SERPS, or even on big sites like Forbes.
Answers from Quora appearing on Forbes

In a nutshell, answer all the questions you can with the utmost quality. Hire a professional writer if you don’t have the time to write.

5. Ask Questions.

This might not look like an effective strategy, but it is. You might be thinking that prospective readers will think you are incapable and hence asking questions in the same niche (wherein you put yourself as an “expert”). Right? Wrong.

It might be true in a case where you ask something like “What is SEO?” and have the credentials of an SEO expert. However, people will respect some genuine questions in the niche coming from an expert.

For e.g., If you are an SEO expert and ask something like “Now that I have mastered the SEO side of marketing, what according to you will be a good course to learn social media marketing?”

This question shows your expertise in the subject as well as your willingness to learn more.

I once got a guest post offer because I asked the question in a similar niche.

All in all: ask questions. Cleverly!

Successful People ask questions. They seek new teachers. They are always learning.

– Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich dad Poor dad

6. Care. Don’t push.

The greatest marketing strategy ever: Care.

– Gary Vaynerchuk

This has to be my favorite marketing advice of all time.

Pushing & Spamming is the devil. Nobody, and I mean literally nobody, even if the person is the spammer of all time, likes to be spammed.

If you answer genuinely, bring the reader value, and then proceed on creating a hook, you will succeed with quora as a marketing tool.

However, if all you do is spam links about your shoe business on an SEO question and push a sale, the reader with even a 70 IQ will know you don’t care about helping. This might lead to an account ban as well.

Therefore, keep the reader first, Quora policy second, and the hook last.

7. Interact.

Like every social media, Quora also has the comment section, the messages section, and the share button.

Use them.

  • Upvote others’ answer, if valuable.
  • Comment on answers. Share your opinions. Show gratitude.
  • Share the answers if you believe your followers will like to read them.
  • Chat with other users if you feel like there’s any chance of collaboration, deal, or something beneficial.

8. Quora Ads.

If you don’t care about increasing brand value and are an already established entity in the market, Quora ads can be a good time-saving but money-investing thing to do.

Though I haven’t tried Quora ads myself, or even been pulled by any of the quora ads, I will try to run one and share the experience and procedure on this blog. Make sure to subscribe.

Final Words:

I genuinely believe, as does the marketing leaders of the world, in the power of Quora.

Quora has got so much to offer for brand-building, collaborating, and selling. One of the platforms to make fans by writing valuable answers.

Many have done it, so can you.

Thank you for reading. Comment below with your experience with Quora. Until then, Goodbye. Stay subscribed for more such articles.

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