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First of all, Let me create a context on why I am writing on “Quora Marketing“.

It’s been nearly 2.5 months since I have this blog. And I am using Quora since last 2 months and have got nearly 33k views to nearly 100+ questions answered by me. Because, as of every other blogs/website, I want more visitors. And to get to those people i.e. potential visitors I use Quora as a marketing tool.

To use Quora as a marketing tool, I provide value to answer seekers by answering them. And I promise that you are also going to use Quora for marketing after reading this article. So, Let’s begin!!!

Quora- Because intelligence is sexy

What is Quora?

To the few of those who didn’t have any encounter with Quora, Here’s what it is.

Quora is a Q&A site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The motto of Quora is “The best answer to any question”. 

Who uses Quora?… People who seek knowledge or wanna share something they know uses Quora. As I have mentioned in my previous post(Influence of Social media on Youth), Social media is a place from where you can get educated. “Quora” is that Social media.

Quora is the only potential competitor to Wikipedia. Even Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia uses and is an investor in Quora. Other Known celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg,  Gary Vaynerchuk, etc. uses Quora. But that’s none of our concern. So, let’s get to our main topic(How to use Quora as a marketing tool?)

quora marketing tips
credits: unamo

How to do Quora Marketing?

Here are some Quora marketing tips I came to know about during my last 15 days experience and some of those you need to know…

1) Find your community:

Before jumping to quora feeds, when you will log in to Quora for the first time, Quora will ask to select topics about which you are interested and passionate. Finding a community wisely must be the first concern to jump in Quora marketing.

To find your community, first, you need to be aware of your customer. For eg. I do blogging based on the power of social media. So, I chose community on quora accordingly like “Social Media Marketing”, “Digital Marketing” “Instagram Marketing tips“, “Blogging”, “Facebook Marketing“, etc.

Finding your community wisely is the first thing to keep in mind in Quora Marketing before Answering or Questioning to provide value. Because, if your business is to sell umbrella and you are mostly interacting with Mathematical nerds then that’s no means to your business. Hence, choose your community accordingly.

2) Create a 24-carat profile:

first impression- quora marketing tip

Create a Quora profile which will attract customer to know about you. Add details defining your ability, knowledge, or position like Entrepreneur, Investor, and CEO of XYZ(this will come along with your name on the top).

Add an attractive and truthful description. Show who you are, and what you know in the description. “Don’t show fancy”. Write simply as what you are like what I will write will be something like “I am an aspiring blogger and knowledge seeker. I write articles at…”

In Conclusion, Make a realistic, great and an optimum profile.

3) Answer them all:

Once you have constructed your community consisting of your potential customers, Start interacting with them. Whenever you are free, Quora is the best option to leverage your knowledge.

leverage your knowledge for Quora marketing- Quote Fancy
credits: Quotefancy

As I have written above that I gained nearly 33k views by answering people according to my knowledge, I might have got nearly minimum of 30-40 views(clicks) on this blog(Social media Dominates). Similarly, you can get your customer to do what you want them to do, either you wanna sell your umbrellas or any other shit. Remember never misguide because “Customer is the king“.

Answer them like they will most probably visit your product. To answer them and properly leverage your knowledge follow this two steps,

  1. Create the context:
    • “If content is the king, context is god”– Gary Vaynerchuk.
    • Create an introduction that makes them believe that you are the person they want to hear from.
  2. Provide value by creating half content:
    • “If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will”– Bob Hooey
    • Provide value by putting yourself in customer’s shoes. Share half content wisely and provide them enormous value, such that it makes them visit and take a look at your product by clicking on provided links.
    • For eg. If someone will ask me “How to increase Instagram followers? “… I will answer as “Create content, use hashtags, contact influencers, etc. and at last, will provide link Reading ‘Visit to know top free and paid ways to get Instagram followers'”

4) Ask questions:

ask question- quora marketing tip


“He who asks a question is a fool for minute; the one who doesn’t remains fool forever” – Chinese Proverb.

Always seek Knowledge!. To create an audience and know about your peers, Ask Questions. Just 3 days ago I asked my

Just a month ago I asked a question on Quora due to lack of ideas. The question went as “What topic should I write on for a social media blog(especially marketing)?”. And for that question, I got a few valuable answers because like me other marketers are ready to provide value.

So, from that question one of the bloggers from the same niche sent me a mail which you can read below

quora marketing advantage of asking questions

That’s the reason Why I included the topic “Asking the Questions” on these Quora marketing tips. Maybe you can get this sort of opportunity.

P.S. Now we have collaborated.

5)Show gratitude:

“Showing Gratitude is the simplest yet the most powerful thing humans can do to each other” – Randy Pausch.

It again comes to providing value and showing them that you care about their opinion. Remember that there is a person on another side of the computer. Showing gratitude may touch their heart. And once you touch their heart they are most likely to become your lifetime customer.

If you can’t appreciate their answer, just “Thank” them for responding. And provide some additional information to their answer. Care about their views!

“The Best Marketing Strategy ever?… care”

Hence, According to my belief, Showing gratitude is not only the best Quora marketing strategy but is the best marketing strategy ever.

6) Never spam:

Spamming is the devil!

Talking from a readers point of view, No one likes a spam. I have come across an enormous amount of questions on Quora, and as click read the answer I will see some people sharing completely irrelevant answers.

For eg. There’s a question like “Why Social Media Dominates in Marketing?”. Many people will write good answers. But, of those thousands of people, tens of people will write an answer like “I use ‘this’ product and it’s very useful. It’s worth a try. Do use it!” I mean what’s the relevancy of that answer?. This kind of spammy answers will decrease the value of the brand.

Just imagine from a bigger perspective, what if Nike started doing this kind of spam. For eg. On every post like “Which fruit is the best?” and Nike answers “We are the best shoe makers”. What will the value of Nike Brand remain?

Hence, Never Spam! “Think like a brand, Act like a startup. “


There are many other ways to increase your sales using Quora-like: Write Blogs, Follow unknown peers, upvote relevant and good answers, comment on others answer and get a part of their community, etc.


In short, To build a successful company by using Quora as a marketing tool: provide value using all the features of Quora, answer relevantly to the questions of your field, Ask Questions, Build a profile, and dominate on Quora.

Have you ever used Quora?…If Yes, Share your views in the Comments Below. If No, Start Fucking using it. Comment your views below, I want to learn from your perspective because “Everybody you know, knows something you don’t”…


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Juhil Mendpara.

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10 thoughts on “How to use Quora as a Marketing tool | Quora Marketing Strategy”

  1. I must say it was hard to find your site in search
    results. You write awesome posts but you should rank your
    website higher in search engines.

  2. Yes, I came to your Blog using Quora 😛
    I would like to know how can we get a positive ROI out of FB using advertising to create a viral FB page related to my Blog. Is it really helpful to invest in increasing the engagement on my fb page? ( just if you’re wondering, I have a blog where I write about Indian Music and struggling Musicians )

    1. First of all, Thanks for commenting.
      So, I just visited your blog and it’s really good. Yes, you can have a high ROI on having a facebook page. What I believe is, the attention of people on Facebook is far more compared to that on twitter. And you have more than 60,000 twitter followers and more than 2000 subscribers on YouTube. So initially, you don’t need to invest money in facebook you need to invest time!
      What I mean by investing time is that you don’t have any fan following on facebook but have a heavy amount on Twitter and YouTube. Now you need to invest time to flip those followers from twitter and YouTube to facebook. If 10% of those followers go and follow your facebook page then you will have 5,000-10,000 followers on facebook as well.
      After having good followers, you can post your content like videos with lyrics or storytellings of musicians. As you have nearly 5000- 10000 followers you will nearly get 500-1000 likes.
      Now comes the part of advertising on facebook. Once you have 1000 likes on video or post…Boost it or advert it. Because people tend to have more attention on posts with a good amount of like(Because the mind of human has evolved in such a way like People like it so there must be something interesting.)
      This is the best thing to do as I understand.
      Hope,it will help!
      Let me know your thoughts.

      Again, Thanks for your attention!

      1. Thank You for replying promptly with such a detailed answer to my query. Actually, it is my mistake but I am yet to configure the Social Icons present on my blog. I have recently shifted to this new theme so the 60,000 followers on Twitter which you have seen is actually linked to the author of the theme. Although my personal metrics are also not too bad.
        FB – 15,000 +
        Instagram – 3,700+
        These two are the major platform which has maximum followers and interaction. But even after having 15,000 + fans on FB I do not understand how is it helping me in ROI. Rather I tried selling a T-shirt just for a change. It worked great as I had an instant ROI. Also, the evolution of Instant Articles on FB ( and AMP on Google ) using advert doesn’t drive traffic to the site if the article is delivered through instant articles. And if I don’t use Instant Article, the click through rate of the post goes down very low. And not to forget about the lead generation advert which looks much fruitful to me than having a viral FB page. Overall I am confused with so much variety present in front of me.

        1. What’s your ultimate goal?…
          Because, if you are expecting a heavy interaction on your ads it’s not possible. I guess it would be nearly 1%. If the 1% liked your stuff they are going to return to your site or whatever your goal is. If they really liked it “Word of mouth” will automatically drive traffic.
          “It’s not the fastest who wins the race. The one who is slow and steady eventually wins”

          I personally don’t have much experience but that’s what I understand. I am on learning mode.

          If it’s about money. I would prefer selling T-shirts as you did put some profit back in Facebook ads and grow slow and steadily.

  3. Admiring the persistence you put into your website
    and detailed information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog
    every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
    Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding
    your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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