About Me

About me- Juhil Mendpara

Hi! I’m Juhil Mendpara. Thanks for stopping by. Wanna know about me?

I’m 18-year-old kid gathering knowledge, seeking passion and Pursuing Information Technology at Charusat University, Gujarat.

Talking about my Professional career, In short, it’s “None”. I’m more of a Dreamer than a Doer. This is the second thing I have done by putting in some money(first was in selling items on eBay which is still going on). The idea behind socialmediadominates is that I follow Gary Vaynerchuk(If you don’t know him, Search for him on Google!), He’s like a social media master and always talks about how social media comes above anything for building businesses. Another person I would like to Thank is Adarsh Sojitra(Head behind ideasoverdose and serveravatar). Gary Vaynerchuk Motivates me and Adarsh Inspire me to do this blog.

This blog will mostly contain the tips, reasons and success stories about how people can grow or have grown businesses via social media. The reasons behind why Social media dominates mostly in terms of marketing will be the main part of this blog. To be a part of this journey of promoting social media, Stay Connected!

My favorite Quotes:

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room- Jeff Bezos

Skills are Cheap, Passion is Priceless- Gary Vaynerchuk

I might have, might not have brought value to you but this is what I am. Grateful that you stopped by. Thankyou!

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