Why social media marketing matters?

As the tagline of this site says “Social media isn’t an option, it is a must”, Marketers have often chosen social media platforms from more than a decade to increase their collaborations and sales. So, why social media marketing?

“A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in relevant way”

Once I watched a video on Youtube in which Steve Jobs was talking about marketing as “Marketing is about bringing value“, but to bring value to your customer you first need to reach to them. As of Steve Jobs, he was Apple Giant and can run commercials on TV to bring value. But one 30 sec commercial on TV may cost more than a normal person’s annual income which is obviously not possible.And here comes the part of social media marketing…

So, Why social media marketing?

social media mattersAs much as marketing is about bringing value it requires people’s attention. Because if customers attention is not there, there’s no profit on making a great product(And if your product sucks bringing value is of no means). Ask yourself once, think thyself where is the attention?… and the answer is on “Social Media





I personally see 100’s of people(and probably everyone in the world) using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram-like social media apps for hours every day. So, without a doubt attention is on this Social media apps and where there is attention there is a void to provide value. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Influencers on Instagram and Snapchat have grabbed an enormous amount of attention. This kind of ads would take nearly one tenth(1/10) to one twentieth(1/20) cost compared to Television ads to reach the same number of people and with full attention. Whenever an advertisement runs between TV show I personally check my FB or Insta during advertisement so they don’t have my attention which means their invested money is thrown directly to trash.

As compared to marketing on Television, Facebook provides filter according to the need for marketing to targeted customers. for eg. Garyvee once told a story on one of his videos about a man who targeted the persons who bought golf items online and accordingly marketed golf stuff and sold $40,000 worth items by putting $1500 in Facebook Advertisement. Similarly, Instagram influencers and Snapchat influencers with a high number of the audience can help building a business by marketing in exchange for some money.

Word of mouth via social media:

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a reommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than a brodcast message. A trusted refferal is the holy grail of advertising” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Every time a clash between two big movies is their posts showing one greater than other are seen in bulks. If an Image of one of the movie is placed in a person mind positively he/she will spread the word that one is better another and “Word of Mouth” will increase the chance of one to do great than another i.e. by social media marketing.

Similarly, if you are having a product to sell and is better than your competition, social media marketing can help you because once a person gets aware about your product “Word Of Mouth” will play it’s role and business will take off.

“If you do build a great experience, customer tell each other about that. Word of Mouth is very powerful” – Jeff Bezos.

YouTube shows can also create awareness.  BB Ki Vines creating awareness about the tapzo app. AIB and TVF putting out the word in the market about different companies, etc are some of the shows I know.

The underpriced attention of social media can be arbitraged for building small as well as big businesses. A small viral video, a small viral word can grab attention which can build businesses. Entrepreneurs today uses Social media marketing. Uber also used social media marketing in their initial days.


Why social media marketing? because the power of attention is on social media. We must use today’s attention gainer marketing like Instagram Marketing or Facebook Marketing I will post about How to leverage social media and How some successful businesses have built their empire using social media marketing. Stay Connected!

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