Instagram vs Snapchat : What’s best for your business

From time to time, People have often seen battles between the technological giants. In past, we have witnessed clashes like OLA vs Uber, Flipkart vs Amazon, or Google vs Yahoo. One of such clashes in recent times is Instagram vs Snapchat. So, what’s best for you?

Here in this article, we will discuss the pros and cons, similarities and dissimilarities, and what’s better and best for your business in Instagram vs Snapchat. Let’s start!

Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram vs Snapchat


Just as I and any other user of Instagram and Snapchat know Instagram stole the idea of stories from Snapchat. So certainly, there are going to be many similarities in Instagram and Snapchat. Here are some similarities in the context of stories:

  1. Stories on both platforms have an immense amount of attention.
  2. Highly used by teenagers.
  3. Instagram stories and Snapchat stories are volatile. That is stories on both disappear in 24 hours.
  4. Both have belief in last come first serve(that is more you post, more are your chances to appear first.)
  5. Both have different kinds of creative tools like augmentation, different filters, Creative writing texts and brushes to write manually.
  6. You can post unlimited content on both platforms.

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So, we talked about similarities but as Steph Covey said:

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” -Steph Covey.

Therefore, here are some dissimilarities to differentiate between Instagram vs Snapchat:

  1. Audience reach on Instagram is high compared to Snapchat.
  2. It’s easy to discover an Instagram user content compared to Snapchat.
    • One can find a user on Instagram using hashtags or locations or names or username and also the recommendation in Instagram helps us discover users.
    • To find a user on Snapchat you need to know the exact username or Snapcode which makes it difficult to find a user.
  3. Engagement rates on Snapchat are much higher compared to Instagram
    • for eg. Engagement rates of TacoBell on Snapchat was 88% and on Instagram was near to 3-5%
    • Source:
  4. Instagram helps you post a 60-second video(That is you can provide more value) compared to 10 seconds on Snapchat.
  5. The number of views, likes, and comments are visible to the public on Instagram. While the number of views or screenshots taken from the post are kept private.
  6. Filters in Snapchat changes with time. while Instagram filters remain mostly static. Which makes Snapchat cooler.

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What’s better for your business?

Based on Similarities and Dissimilarities, Pros and cons, we can distinguish the use of Instagram and Snapchat for business:

1)  Based on Traffic:

The number of people that watch your content, like your content, comment on your content and interact with your content really matters. And those numbers depends on the top line number i.e. the number of followers.

As we discussed above that searching for someone’s content on Instagram is easy compared to snapchat. That means to have traffic on Instagram is easy compared to Snapchat Because of it’s searching algorithm. Here’s how searching differs in Instagram vs snapchat:


  • Username
  • Hashtags
  • Locational Search
  • Full name
  • Suggestions


  • Username
  • Snapcode

Comparing stats of Instagram vs Snapchat…Instagram accounts have nearly 5 times followers(viewers) compared to Snapchat.

Hence, Based on Traffic…Instagram wins!

2) Based on Conversion:

At last, whatever the top line number is, the thing that matters is the Conversion rate. Because if you have 1000 followers and no one is doing any good to your business then that’s of no use.So, conversion is what matters.

As we discussed above, the Conversion rate on Snapchat is much higher compared to Instagram. Because the person who has added you on snapchat has come out of value because they might have added you using username or snapcode.

In short, Snapchat is all about Quality of customers while Instagram is more of Quantity of customers. That’s why Taco Bell have above 80% of conversions on snapchat while it has 2-5% on Instagram. I know it’s not same for everyone. But, Conversion rates on Snapchat are much higher than Instagram.

Hence, Based on conversion…Snapchat wins!

3) Based on the fun:

snapchat filters
credits: wikihow, Snapchat Filters

If you want to do marketing on any platform. Why not do it with more fun?

People are using Snapchat and Instagram in a tremendous amount. People use Instagram more compared to Snapchat because it has feeds(facebook feature) as well as stories(Snapchat feature). But in terms of fun and filter, Snapchat is more promising compared to Instagram.

Instagram has static filters, while snapchat has dynamic filters. That means filters changes with time on Snapchat which make it more fun. On contrary, Instagram is also copying every possible thing from Snapchat like Recently they added Augmented reality based filters from Snapchat. But still, at the end, Snapchat is more fun.

Hence, Based on fun..Snapchat wins!

That means you can show more creativity on Snapchat in marketing which you can save and share it via Instagram too. It’s like two birds with one stone.

Concluding Instagram vs Snapchat:

In conclusion, It doesn’t matter what you use it’s their fight(Instagram vs Snapchat). The result is what matters!

I personally recommend using both. Use filters of creativity of Snapchat and share it to both Instagram and Snapchat and vice-versa. You can deliver offers and drive traffic using stories (as discussed in How to use Instagram stories for Business ). In short, Snapchat is about every moment share and Instagram is the best moment shared.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading all the way!


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