How to use Instagram stories for Business

Are you interested in building your business? Want to know what others are doing right and you are doing wrong?… Here’s a killer one called Instagram stories for business.

So, nearly before 20 days, I wrote an article (7 tried and true Instagram marketing tips), where I have mentioned that Instagram stories can drive your business. So, In today’s article, I am going to discuss How can Instagram stories build your business from a marketing point of view. And here we go…

What are Instagram stories?

Many of you might know what an Instagram story is. But, for those who don’t here it is…

Copied from Snapchat, Instagram stories are volatile posts shown at the top bar of Instagram apart from regular posts. This stories can be of any form like photos, video(15 s), Boomerang and Instagram Live.

Instagram stories last for 24 hours after posting which is same as Snapchat. As they are volatile they disappear after 24 hours.

Why Should we use Instagram stories when Snapchat is already available?

Compared to Snapchat, Number of people you know are more on Instagram. I personally have 7 times more followers on Instagram compared to snapchat. which makes Instagram a winner on the account of the number of engagements.

Obviously, Snapchat dominates at many places like filters, attention, etc. compared to Instagram stories but still, Instagram is a market winner.

So, Coming to the main point How to use Instagram stories for business?… Here are some 24 carat tips on using Instagram stories for business.

Tips on using Instagram stories for business:

1) Use human nature and deliver offers:

“The most fatality in human nature is greedy and selfish.” – Kazeronnie Mak

Use Human nature?…What do I mean by that?…

What I mean is most of the Humans are greedy. Period! I mean who don’t want free stuff?. I don’t know about you but I do. Why won’t I want a dominos 30% cashback coupon?…I can’t come up with a reason. If you have one, give me in the comment box.

So, According to my point of view on human’s greedy nature, you can deliver special offers via Instagram stories.

for eg., You might be aware of Gary Vaynerchuk’s  #60secondclub, where he give things like signed books, T-shirts, etc. to the people who comment on his post within first 60 seconds with #60secondclub. The winners of this #60secondclub are declared on his Instagram stories which grab people’s attention to his stories. Eventually, the giveaways using Instagram Stories have a great ROI. He has gained nearly a million new followers after starting this 60-second club and using Instagram stories for

He has gained nearly a million new followers which sum up to 1.5 million total following after starting this 60-second club and properly using Instagram stories for growing his personal brand.

As a result, Teasing giveaways using Instagram stories can help you gain followers and their attention easily which has a great ROI. You can do giveaways like tag 2 friends on my latest post with #xyz and stand a chance to win free movie tickets for the upcoming Johnny Depp movie.

2) Show off behind the scenes hustle:

Be Transparent- an Instagram stories for business tip

On the other side of the phones are the people watching your Instagram stories. And people are not that much foolish as you think they are. They know you are only showing what’s in your favor and is best for your business.

So, being transparent(if you are clear) is the best way to increase your customer engagements. Post every bit of your business which your customer would like.

for eg. You run a restaurant and have an Instagram page for that restaurant then you can easily use Instagram stories for increasing your business. Like sharing pictures of your clean floors, delivery of fresh materials every morning, Scenes from the kitchen, etc.

So, what will happen is when someone with immense desire to eat in a restaurant opens your story at 7:00 p.m. will be at your restaurant within a couple of hours without even considering others.

Below is a screenshot of an IPL(Cricket) Team sharing their day to day lives via Instagram stories and gaining fan following.

instagram stories for business- show day to day life

Eventually, your business will grow which is the motto of this “Instagram Stories for Business” thing.

3) Make them eager by writing small articles:

Write a small article with catchy lines which makes people curious to know what it is all about. And then share a link to your main content. It can be anything your fashion blog, your new website, your e-commerce store, etc. The eagerness of knowing will pull them to growing your business.

Eventually, they will come to see your thing. If you provided them value from day 1 of their visit… Congratulations!! for a lifetime customer.

4) Trick them to follow you everywhere:

As you know, Instagram doesn’t allow to add links to posts or stories to regular users. Verified users can add links to Instagram stories. So, if you are verified user Congratulations! and skip this part if you want to.

So, to overcome this flaw only using Instagram you can either use Instagram ads(as discussed in Instagram marketing tips) or can direct them to your profile and then click on the link.

But that’s something, not all the people will do. So, to make people look at your product excessively trick them to follow you on places like facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc. where you can provide direct links along with your content.

To do so, use Instagram stories. Place a small but eye-grabbing piece of video in your Instagram story or some heavy heart touching lines and at the end write “Watch this full video on” or “For more follow me on”.

Hence, you will increase followers on facebook or twitter which will eventually drive your business by using facebook marketing or Twitter Marketing.


What I wanna say in conclusion is, Many people have achieved milestones using Instagram stories in their business branding and Personal branding Journey. Are you one of them?…If yes, comment Below. And if no what are you waiting for?

Comment your opinions below… Thank you for visiting… Subscribe!

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