Top 7 tried and true Instagram Marketing Tips in 2017

Instagram Marketing is one of the hottest term used in digital marketing since last 2-3 years. With constant engagements, increasing traffic and high level of attention, Instagram has made its reputation in the market. Providing value and driving sales has always been the motto of the marketing.This Instagram marketing tips will help you provide value to your customer.

“People don’t buy goods and services.They buy relations, stories and magic”-Seth Godin.

Why Instagram marketing?

Starting from Radio to Television, to Facebook, Twitter and now to Instagram, attention has always shifted. And Where there is attention there is a void to provide value(as discussed in why to do social media marketing).

“99% of people don’t market in the year they actually live in.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

That’s the answer to your why Instagram marketing. So, coming to the main point how to do Instagram marketing.

Well, one can do Instagram marketing by two ways:

  1. Free Marketing
  2. Paid Marketing

Here we will discuss some of the tried and true tips to win on Instagram  marketing:

Free Instagram marketing tips:

nothing worth having comes easy - Instagram Marketing tipsFree Instagram marketing means marketing without any cost of money. But it instead takes time, Because nothing worth having is free.

These are some free tried and true techniques to increase followers and engagements and eventually increase sales.

1) Create Multiple accounts:


To create an Instagram account you just need is a Gmail account and that can be used to create an Instagram account. So first, to create multiple accounts create some Gmail accounts according to need.

So, Why multiple accounts?

Having multiple accounts has its own advantages. To increase sales first, you need to reach your potential customers. So to reach potential customers different account can be created according to a specific genre or niche featuring the content according to the value your customer needs to get.

for eg, I personally have three Instagram accounts one personal, other where I share movie quotes, and one more I made to increase my Youtube views. Now I share updates and links to this blog from all three Instagram accounts to increase my views.

So, Having multiple accounts is advantageous but it takes time. Posting on all account in free time is a good option as part of marketing strategy.

2) Creating Valuable content:

instagram marketing tips-content is the king“The more content I put out. The more luck I have” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

Once your accounts are set, providing constant value is the only way to have a loyal follower and be a part of their attention. Once you start posting valuable content, followers will increase rapidly. And more the followers, more the customers.

Let me give you a personal example, When I started the account where I post Movie quotes I posted around 25-30 posts with proper hashtags and I gained 100 followers from Zero in 3 days. And after 4-5 days of building that account, I gave up on that account due to college shit which eventually decreased the number of followers to nearly 65 now. Why? Because I failed to provide value to the followers.

Instagram posts have a good effect but, Instagram stories have even a better impact. The stats of Instagram stories are extremely promising.

So, providing value to potential customers by your content must be your motto as a part of Instagram Marketing Journey.

3)Using proper hashtags:

“Content is the king, but marketing the queen and it runs all the household” – Gary Vaynerchuk.


instagram marketing tips- hashtagsFor some of those who don’t know what a hashtag(#) is in Instagram Here’s an overview. After twitter, facebook and google plus, Instagram have an ability to search keywords. which anyone can place according to the context of their posts. for eg. If you are a photographer, you need to share your photos with proper hashtags like #instaphoto, #photography, #naturalview, #nikonclick, #dslr, #photoshoot, etc. So, what will happen with those hashtags?

As I said before, Instagram uses those hashtags as keywords and when someone searches for that keyword your photo or video will appear. Like, I am going to post this post of Instagram marketing tips like #instagrammarketingtips. So, when someone searches for Instagram marketing tips My post will appear to them.

Some of the evergreen hashtags to increase followers are #followforfollow, #followforlikes, #likesforlikes, etc.

4) Increase collaboration  with peers:

instagram marketing tips - collaborations“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t” – Bill Nye.

To increase the growth of your brand, you need to come in the eyes of your customers. And using hashtags and creating content works for growth. But to increase the speed of growth, collaborating with others is the best strategy for marketing (And here I don’t mean rivals. ).

“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success” – Henry Ford.

Here, what I mean by collaboration is to influence people to look each others Instagram page. For eg, I follow two pages on Instagram having same niche and nearly same followers. What they do is they give shout out to each other which eventually pulls the uncommon people of opposite pages to each others place. Hence, both increases their followers and eventually their sales.

5) Locational search for local businesses:

As many of you know what a locational search is but for those who don’t. A Locational search is a facility provided by Instagram to search for posts according to locations. So how can a local business use it?

I saw a video of Gary Vaynerchuk in which he was advising his barber about this. He searched for a location and many posts came along. From those post, he chose the top most post. He saw that person’s profile having thousands of followers to his barber and. He said him to DM him as “Hey there, I will give you first 10 haircuts for free”. If he accepts it, he advised giving free haircuts 3-4 times before asking him for a shoutout then as the relation gets stronger ask him for mentioning you in his post. He won’t hesitate to do that because you bought him value.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett.

Similarly, as that barber, you can increase your local business growth.

I hope you liked this Free Instagram marketing tips. Now moving to paid Instagram marketing…

Paid Instagram marketing tips:

instagram marketing tips - give money

As I discussed in Free Instagram marketing tips, Nothing worth having comes free. As compared to free Instagram marketing paid marketing has a higher ROI(Return on investment). So, you can use this Instagram marketing tips to get high ROI by paying some money.

“When Investing, I am not against risk. If you take no risk you must expect a low return.”– Paul Clitheroe.

6) Instagram influencer marketing:

“Not everyone wants to steal your money but everyone wants your money”– Philippos

First of all, What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?. People with a high following can grow your brand by influencing their followers and creating awareness in exchange for money. This kind of brand awareness strategy is called Instagram influencer marketing.

“Businesses are making $6.50 on every $1 spent on influencer marketing”

instagram marketing tips-stats

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method. So as of above stats, Instagram Influencer marketing must be the first priority for businesses. So, how to find them?

Instagram pages providing services for Influencer marketing can easily be found by hashtags. To contact them you can easily find their contact information like email or WhatsApp number or invitation to DM. Another way to find them is according to the genre of need. for eg. If you are a fashion blogger, you can easily find them with related hashtags and hire them for putting out a shoutout for you. Hence, eventually, you found influencer according to your brand need. In a world with hundreds of thousands of influencers, who is your influencer?. Well you can find them via some factors as follows:

  • Evaluate the audience:

Evaluating the audience is the most necessary thing to find your potential customer. Because if you are looking for a 22-year-old girl with 500k followers filled with shitty boys. And marketing for middle aged women, you are going to miss the mark and lose your money.

  • Evaluate the Engagements:

The number of followers matters but only until they are properly engaging with the page of influencers. Because if they have 150k followers and average of 2000 likes per post then it’s not worth it. If they have good engagements like 10,000 likes for 150k followers or 80,000 video views for 150k followers. Then that’s awesome!!

The cost for Instagram influencer marketing? :

Let’s talk about the cost, the amount of money you will need to pay them. Well, initially it depends on the type of influencers you are looking for. Generally, I would categorize influencers in two types:

  1. Micro Influencers.
  2. Macro Influencers.
Micro Influencers:

Influencers with nearly 5000-500,000 following can be considered as Micro Instagram Influencers. Instagram pages based on sarcasm and humor generally have this kind of following. The price you need to pay to this influencers depends on the size of the audience as:

  • Influencers with 25,000-100,000 followers gets nearly 700-6000 likes and 30-100 comments on average and costs around 1500-5000 INR ($30-70)
  • Influencers with 100,000-500,000 followers gets around 8000- 30,000 likes per post and around 100-250 comments costs around 5000-25,000 INR($100-400)

Micro influencers are the best according to me giving this Instagram Marketing Tips.

Macro Influencers:

Influencers with nearly 500k to millions of following can be considered as Macro Instagram Influencers(Note: Most of them got these followers via Instagram influencer marketing or they are celebrities). Macro influencers can be anyone I mean like a fashion blogging page to Eminem(I know he doesn’t give a fuck). The price of this pages can be high up to $10,000-20,000 depending on engagement and audience. But the ROI is awesome.

This pages with nearly 30,000 to 50,000 likes and 400-1400 comments cost around $400-1000 depending on engagement and audience. But the ROI is awesome.

Actresses considering beauty product or fashion in their post captions or images. and actors promoting products like face wash can be considered as the best examples of macro influencer marketing.

Another influencer marketing you might have seen are during movie clashes. As I wrote in previous posts like Why social media marketing matters?  or  5 reasons Why everyone should do Facebook Marketing | Social Media Dominates

In short, Influencers are a tremendous way to build brand equity and get the word out there about your product, especially if you are trying to spread the word to a specific audience.

7) Instagram ads:

The advertising product created by the team of Instagram to earn are Instagram Ads. Many times you might have seen sponsored and shop now or sponsored written along with posts. those are Instagram ads. As you know Instagram doesn’t allow to put links with posts and you can only post one link and that too in Bio. But Instagram ads provides an exception and you can put your link along with posts but it costs.  Before talking about costs lets talk about how to create Instagram ads.

“The man who stops advertising for saving money is like the man who stops the clock to save time” – Thomas Jefferson.

How to create Instagram ads?

Just two days before I tried to make an Instagram ad from my personal account(to know and write in this Instagram marketing tips). So, what I found is that creating an Instagram ad is very easy.

What you need at first is a Facebook account. As you will go to the Instagram menu and click on Instagram Business Tools they will ask you to connect to the Facebook account. if you have one connect, and if not then create one. Along with a Facebook account, you would need a Facebook page so better create that too. After that, it will ask you which post to promote and as what to promote like for online store or something. After that, they will give you the option of the price. So, you can create your own budget starting from $1 to any amount. Depending on the audience you want them to reach it will cost. But it’s worth it!!

instagram marketing tips-screenshotThis is how an Instagram ad looks like. Instead of Shop Now you can create your own Action button like Learn More, Watch More, Book Now, Sign Up and Contact Us. This Action button directs them to your business. More than branding if your target is to drive sales then this is the best tip you can get on this whole list of Instagram marketing tips.




Cost for purchasing Instagram ads:

“You can fool all the people all the time if advertising is right and budget is high enough” – Joseph E Levine.

Basically, it depends on the budget and the target audience. Starting from $1 to any value you can purchase an Instagram ad. The reach of the audience depends on budget as:

  • $1: Estimated reach 301-794
  • $4: Estimated reach 813-2.1k
  • $20: Estimated reach 3.7k-9.7k

Best marketing tip:

“The Person that gives value first has the leverage” – Gary Vaynerchuk

First of all, I got the inspiration for writing this Instagram marketing tips from Gary Vaynerchuk as I have mentioned him in my About me page. The best marketing tips (Not a part ofInstagram marketing tips) you can get is by reading this quotes.

“(Brand storytelling) is not about pushing advertising. It’s about bringing value.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

“The Best Marketing strategy ever?…Care” – Gary Vaynerchuk.


To drive your sales in 2017 world you must be there where everyone’s attention is i.e. on Instagram. Create content, use hashtags and influence people to stand out. In short, Instagram is the best place to story tell and build your brand equity.

Based on results and according to me, Instagram influencers is the best marketing tip in this whole Instagram marketing tips.

And “According to me is the only ‘According to’ that matters.” Just kidding I am not Harvey Specter. Ok, meet you soon on Social Media Dominates . Subscribe!!


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