How to use Youtube For Business Growth

Your business isn’t on YouTube. But should it be? And the answer is absolute YES. In this article, I am going to write on Why and How to use YouTube for Business!

So, Let’s get started!

“Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts” – James Wedmore

Why use YouTube for Business?

  1. Just by having a YouTube video embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely to show up on the front page of Google result.
  2. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. So, your content(on the niche of your business) can really show up.
  3. In fact, having youtube video is better than having content in a blog or a website form.
    • Because, when someone searches on Google for something related to your business. There’s very less chance of your business to show up on the First page of search engines.
    • But instead, if you have the same content with the same title on YouTube it will show up on the first page.

For eg, Go on YouTube and search for “BB Ki Vines”, Videos will show up uploaded by others along with BB Ki Vines original videos. Because YouTube searches on basis of relevance by default. Which means your video will come up when someone will search for the keyword you want to show them for. Here’s a screenshot how YouTube search engine works.

how to use youtube for business -advantage screenshot
How YouTube search engine works

Here in above screenshot, you can see  How YouTube search works. So, you can add video in youtube with Title, description, and tags for which you want someone(your customer) to watch your video.

How To use YouTube for Business:

Having YouTube video is like driving your business on autopilot 24/7/365. And here is How we can use YouTube for business.

1) Research What your “Ideal Customer” wants:

how to use youtube for business- know your customer

I believe you know about your business, don’t you? Now you want to provide value to your customer and leverage it to build your business. Well, it’s easy to do so on YouTube.

Go to YouTube and start typing in Search bar about what you want to make your video and provide value to your ideal customer. Knowing what your customer wants will help you reach more and precise audience.

Here in above screenshot, I started searching “How to use YouTube for…” and YouTube provided further keywords according to what people search the most. So, you can use the searched keywords by your customers as your Title, add it in description and Tags which will lead customers to your videos more. And that can be leveraged to grow your business.

2) Show Your Proficiency

Providing value to the customer is the only goal of any marketing strategy. Read any of my previous posts let it be on Quora Marketing or Instagram Marketing or Facebook Marketing or any other. I always put pressure on providing value.

And to provide value using YouTube videos you must know what you are talking about. The things you are talking about must bring real information and value to your customer.

If you really know your niche, you can easily make videos based on that thing. For instance, if you have expertise in books and your business is selling books you can easily make short(5-10 mins) videos reviewing, summarizing and storytelling the book. Videos like “10 books you must read as a teen” or “Book review of J.K.Rowling’s renown ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child’ ” can really make a big deal to your business. At the end of the videos(i.e. after providing value), you throw direct hooks like “If you are looking forward to reading this book and haven’t bought it yet. Buy it from my store(link below) and use coupon code ‘YOUTUBE” for additional 20% off.

In Short, Know your shit and sell it to your customer!

3) Showcase Your Product

how to use youtube for bussiness- Showcase your product

To Introduce, show and sell your product video marketing is the best, Period. Building an audience to your YouTube channel and having people’s attention is the best way to introduce your product and do sales. Above is the screen shot

Above is the screenshot of the #AskGaryvee show hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk. The above screenshot is episode 250 of the show. See the background in the showcase there are books and different stuff he sells. In the top right corner, there are his 4 Newyork times best-selling books which he has sold using such small-small business strategies. Maybe only 2% of audience show those books and 0.01% bought that books but that also sums up to great sales. Consider 50,000 views on average per each episode i.e. 50,000*250*0.01 books sold which is more than 0.12 million copies sold.

See the ROI yet?

4) Get YouTube Influencers to do your Job:

The only thing all the people have been given equally is Time. And, if your time is more valuable than making YouTube videos for marketing. Then hire others to do that for you.

“Time is the most valuable asset of life”

YouTube influencers are people who have a good amount of audience and can put out a word for your product. Depending on the size of their audience they can demand money.

But as I have written in my previous post (Instagram Marketing Tips) that “For every $1 business put in Influencers they get $6.5 in return.”

That means, Hiring an influencer to do your job have a great ROI.

5) Other ways to use YouTube Videos:

Making a YouTube video doesn’t mean just to have your videos on YouTube. Once a video content is created it can be shared anywhere.

You can use Instagram Stories and Instagram Feeds to put out your content, Share glimpse of videos as a part of Snapchat Marketing or share full video on Facebook. Either way your job is to share your story and provide value.

how to use youtube for business - Storytelling


Wrapping up in short, To grow your business online, You must concentrate on video contents. Videos are the best because they are visible, audible and valuable. And to share video content YouTube is the best place to provide value.

In conclusion, Let me know from you perspective on this topic in the comment section below. Maybe, I bought value to you from this post. If so, SUBSCRIBE! and if not let me know what I can do to improve my posts and provide you value. Thank you for reading!


Juhil Mendpara



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