5 reasons Why everyone should do Facebook Marketing

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“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” – Steuart H. Britt

Facebook Inc, a social networking company has been the most successful social networking company since it’s very existence. A company with nearly 2 billion users(greater than any other), with worth more than $300 billion has been the first priority for marketing by almost every entrepreneur for almost a decade now. There is a reason why Facebook marketing preferred first. And below are the reasons why to use facebook marketing…

Reasons to do facebook Marketing:

1. Creates awareness:

“You don’t build business, you build People.And then people build business.” – Zig Ziglar

First of all, As discussed there are nearly 2 Billion people on facebook, i.e. your audience is there. That means your brand is only one click away from your customer. Once people gets aware about what you do, they might like to purchase your product, they might like to collaborate, they might like to watch your videos, etc. etc. etc…
Creating awareness at a low cost is the most noteworthy thing where facebook marketing enters the game.

2. Targeting capabilities:

“Everyone is not your customers.” – Seth Godin

Targeting capabilities in Facebook marketing have increased one’s potential to reach their customers easily and efficiently. As a result, one can make a video or post related to their customer’s empathy level and provide them value accordingly. one example of such facebook marketing target ads advantage is on my previous post(Why social media matters in marketing?)

In the image below I have targeted a specific number of people in my city by facebook marketing feature to create awareness around the specific amount of people, which eventually decreases the cost of ads and reach exact customers. Therefore, one should use facebook marketing

Facebook marketing


3. Cost of ads to reach people:

As discussed in my last post (Why social media matters in marketing?) attention is the must required thing in marketing and facebook marketing services grabs the attention of almost every person in the world. With the same amount of attention, the price for creating awareness is almost one tenth(1/10) to one twentieth(1/20) compared to traditional media. So, facebook marketing is the smartest move one can make in business.

Below is the image of price comparison of ads on different media(image maybe outdated but comparison is still the same)

4. Conversion rates:

For those who really love maths and figures. According to Shopify and other trusted sources, Ads distribution via facebook marketing has nearly 2-3% (which is most among any other platform) conversion rates, that means of 100 people who see your ad two to three people are more likely to buy your product. That eventually means it will increase your sales and guess what? … That’s the motto of marketing!

5. Heavy influence:

“Word of mouth is very powerful and social media drives it like a Lamborgini”

People often get motivated from facebook, the influence of facebook on people is increasing day by day. Let’s take this to real perspective youngsters who join facebook nowadays start to like Eminem and hate Justin Bieber, why?…No specific reason but because facebook pages put it that way. That’s the influence of facebook on people. Another example is, even though if the movie is good but their competitors give money to these facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of followers and they will post something negative about the movie which eventually diverts person’s mind in opposite direction which results in loss of movie.

Opinions of people from facebook, in conclusion, have a heavy influence on the persons mind and have often been #1 influence place for marketers says studies. Therefore, one should use facebook marketing.


In conclusion, To start a successful business and create your brand awareness, one must use facebook marketing techniques.

The power of “word of mouth”, Influence of facebook on people, heavy conversion rates, direct contact with the customer, targeting capabilities are few things one can consider to do marketing on facebook. So wrapping up now, and stay connected for knowing more reasons behind the name “Social Media Dominates”.

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