All you need to know about Amazon affiliate program

Recently, I joined Amazon Affiliate Program. This article is for all my friends who are desiring to live The 4-hour work week life/Passive income life.

Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires- Bo Bennett

So, before directly hopping into “Amazon affiliate program/marketing”, let’s break down some key terms you need to know:

Key Terms in Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing:

According to Wikipedia: “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

In short, Affiliate marketing means ‘Whenever some product/service gets a customer via some promoter. The product owner pays promoter on successful sale’

Hence, you get paid just by marketing/promoting other’s product via blogs/websites or other social media, and without worrying about creating products. The more customer you provide to the product, The more money you make.

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The Affiliate Marketing Triangle:

affiliate marketing triangle


In affiliate marketing, Advertiser is a company/individual who advertises their products like books, shoes, T-shirts, etc. or services like bus-traveling tickets, entertainment channels like Amazon Prime(Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial ), etc. to drive more sales.


The promoter is individual or a company who promotes the product. The products open to being promoted by the advertiser is promoted by the promoter. Here, promoter earns money with every sale they make for the advertiser/product owner.

for eg., You can see in the sidebar(if desktop) of my blog, some products like books are being shown. If you purchase a product from the link I provided, I will get cut from the profit made by Advertiser/ Product Owner. Hence, I am the Promoter here.


In affiliate marketing, the customer is the one who makes a successful purchase via the link provided by the promoter.

In short, the person who buys the product/service via the promoted link is the customer.

So, Now as we have cleared all the terms related to affiliate marketing, Let’s get Started with Amazon Affiliate program:

Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon, one of the first and best e-commerce platform launched Amazon associate as one of the primary marketing strategies.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

amazon associate program theme
Credits: Amazon Affiliate

Amazon launched one of the first online affiliate marketing programs in order to drive more sales. Millions of website owners, bloggers, web developer, and Sellers make money by promoting Amazon products as a part of Amazon affiliate program.

Every time a successful sale is made via links provided by website owners and bloggers. Amazon pays the associate a cut from the sale.

Hence, You can earn up to 10-15% as referral fee as a part of Amazon Affiliate program.

How to get started with Amazon Affiliate Program(Step by Step):

If you are also willing to be a part of Amazon affiliate program and write your own The 4-hour work week story. Here’s a step by step guide to get started as Amazon Associate.

But Before we start with these steps, Let’s discuss some mandatory things: To get started with Amazon Affiliate program, you need a website or blog or mobile app. If you don’t have one first make your own blog/website(For free blog Get started with WordPress or Blogger).

Step-1: Homepage

amazon affiliate program page-1

To get started as a part of Amazon affiliate program, Go here for being an associate with Amazon India or Go here to be a part of You can select your country from the top right corner as shown in above image. (Remember, you will need to sign up for every individual country).

After visiting the site click on Join Now For Free and get started with your first step in Amazon Affiliate program. Hence, you are one step nearer to be a part of Amazon Affiliate community.

Step-2: Sign up/Login

amazon affiliate program page-2

After you will click Join Now for Free button, you will be directed to a Login page as shown in above image.

To get started with Amazon Associates First, you need to have an Amazon Id. if you don’t have one create one. If you have Amazon Id, fill the details on the Login page. After filling correct details click Sign in using our secure server.

Step-3: Registration page

 amazon affiliate program page-3 

You will get directed to a registration page on clicking Sign in button. Here, you will need to fill out details as required. It will contain 4 steps:

  1. Account Information: Account information will contain basic information like an address as given in your Amazon Id.
  2. Website and Mobile App List: In here you will need to enter the website/blog or mobile app URL in which you will promote the product from Amazon’s site.
  3. Profile: In profile, you will provide details like Associate Store Id name, Topics which defines your Website or Mobile app the best. So, you can get proper recommendations of products like books, mobile phones, etc.
  4. Start using Associate Central: Here your Associate Id is ready to start making income.

Step-4: Create Links

amazon affiliate program page-4

Now, as you are a part of Amazon Associates it’s time to create links and start making money.

As you might know, everyone who is part of Amazon Associates is provided an individual link for the product they are promoting. This will help them track from where the customer came and bought the product. Eventually, it will help them to know who was the promoter and pay them.

So, in order to earn as an associate, you will need to create links. To create a link to a particular product, search for the Keyword or ASIN/ISBN number in the search bar shown above. You will get results on searching as shown in below image.

amazon affiliate program page-5

Step-5: Copy Link

amazon affiliate program page-6

You will be provided a page shown above when you will click on Get Link from the results of searched keyword.

You will be shown a preview of the product as well as a link to the product on this page. The link can preview in any form as you will require. It can be Text form, Image form, or Text+Image form.

You have decided the product and the visual of product to be shown on your Blog/Website. So, Copy the code to build your Individual link and place it wherever you would like on your blogs/websites/mobile apps. For eg., you will see Amazon product on my sidebar.

Step-6: Site Stripe

amazon affiliate program page-7

There’s an alternate and easy way to build links apart from visiting site.

You can directly build links from Amazon’s shopping website. When you will become a part of Amazon Affiliate program, your Amazon shopping site will have a stripe called Amazon Associate Site Stripe on the top bar of Amazon’s Shopping site as shown in the image above.

Hence, you can build link directly from,, etc.

There’s also a plus point of using Amazon Associate Site stripe, that you can also promote a product on facebook or twitter directly by sharing.

Eventually, You can use Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Youtube Marketing, etc. to increase sales and eventually earn more referral fees on more sales.

Step-7: Finally

amazon affiliate program page-8

Above is the screenshot of my blog, here I have added Link code in the sidebar and in between some places which won’t disturb UX(User Experience) and interested customers can buy the products.


In conclusion, I would like to say to build passive income start affiliate marketing. If you are a blogger, Amazon Affiliate program is the best alternative to Google Adsense. The more the traffic, The more the conversions. The more the conversions, the more the money you make.

Let me know your points on Affiliate marketing in the comments below. If you have not subscribed to this blog. What are you waiting for?…SUBSCRIBE!

And before I end it, let me repeat the Quote written at first:

Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.


Juhil Mendpara.

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